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Hey sweetzerlandia you got groupies! :D

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Paper Dolls lvl 5 Asmo legion on Siel is recruiting


Me & efiee have been jumping through hoops trying to find some lovely aion community and have finally decided to take it into our own hands. We’re recruiting to lvl 5 legion Paper Dolls, looking for friendly active mature people to do this that and everything with.

At the moment it’s just the two of us and our alts. I main a cleric and Meir mains a chanter. Meir is the queen of all things alts but I just have one other toon, a 64 SW. Trying for a nice small community to both pvp & pve.

Message either of us ooor poke us in game for invites~~~

*And we will have a most awesome emblem made by the wonderfully talented efiee soon :#

I have to repost it…

no lei stop you have more than enough soul linker ocs

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