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drama ~ drama ~ drama

I am so f—king upset and mad.
    One of my old clanmates started bullying me. I’m a SL-asmo atm, and he became TM-ely a few months ago. There are some people who were my legionmates too when I was a SL-ely. Anyway, this guy’s telling bad things about me and all of the hungarian tiamat elys are hating me. I didn’t harm this guy, I didn’t tell anything bad about him. Nothing. The only one thing what can be a reason is that he tried to catch up me, but I don’t edate with legionmates. 
    Firstly I just laughed. I can’t belive it someone’s telling hateful things about me and a lot of people who don’t know me start to hate me. I thought it’s small-minded and childis. Then I started thinking about it. The thought is eating my mind. Am I a bad person? Am I THAT person who has that shitty personality and who is the most hateful hungarian? I don’t know… I really don’t know what shoud I do. I don’t want to write to this guy, because there is my friend, who told me this things… When tia elys find out that my friend informs me then they’ll bully him too. 
   The only thing what can I do at the moment is sitting the front of my pc and try to find out why am I so hateful and bad as they think. 


I’ll float above the ocean, the sun above is burning my head. I will grow wings and fly everywhere… 
Butter warm clouds are dripping into my mouth tasting of golden..

✨ mahou shoujo ✨